EcoQajaQ Concept

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Wood is brilliant ...

  • Wood is beautiful with the variety of graining and colors.
  • Wood feels comfortable and warm at hand, is not as hard and cold as plastic, fiberglass and carbon fiber.
  • Wood smells good which I have great pleasure in during processing. The different kinds of woods have their own individual distinctive scent.
  • Wood taste good. At least when wines and whiskeys are stored in oak barrels.
  • Wood is elastic but also the strongest material relative to the weight.
  • Wood is an organic material and can therefore be degraded by sunlight, wind, water and micro-organisms. But with the right protection it can last for generations.
  • Wood is a renewable resource and is the world's most environmentally friendly raw material.


Concept for EcoQajaq - No footprints in the wild, only ripples in the water.

Paddles from EcoQajaq is produced by quality wood from local sawmills. The tree is only air-dried, not dried in oven, and therefore with a low CO2 consumption as possible.

It is quarter sawn at the sawmill, which means that the tree's growth grain are perpendicular to the widest surface. This provides several advantages, greater strength and stiffness of the paddle, less risk of the tree twist during drying and processing. When the tree is not twisting makes it easier for me to process the wood into a symmetrical paddle. Last advantage of quarter sawn wood is the beauty of colors that appears in the tree with the close parallel grain.

Something like inducing a photograph in the old days, is expressed when all surfaces are symmetrical shaved with different hand planes, the wood is polished smooth and it's finally time to apply wood oil.

I make paddles of full timber, i.e. not laminated paddles. I think that it is doubtful whether there are environmentally friendly glues that can be used for laminating process.

I have started a partnership with a foreign based company though, which is in the process of developing an environmentally friendly type of glue produced from residues from wood industries. Interesting what it brings.

A paddle should be able to withstand hard daily use as reliable tool. On the ocean I would prefer paddling without the risk of delamination. Must admit though, laminated paddles build from different types of wood are beautiful to look at.

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